About Us

Since 1972, Specialty Castings has been producing gray and ductile iron castings for the following industries:

  • Paper Industry
  • Government, Diesel, Mining,
  • Power Transmission, Process Machinery
  • Agriculture, Fluid Handling, Machine Tool

With our diverse and rich experience, we have learned that each pattern has its own personality and this has a direct effect on the final product performance. Understanding this personality is a key factor in producing a quality casting the first time.

Specialty Castings’ mold handling system, casting finishing equipment, and automatic molding machines offers the flexibility to order a few prototypes to medium production volumes of engineered castings. From 1/4 lb to 200 lbs, we specialize in gray and ductile iron castings as well as austempered ductile iron and high silicon ductile iron.

Based on our ISO 9001:2008 certification and our demanding quality assurance procedures, we focus on meeting and delivering your exact casting needs. All castings are quality controlled internally and externally using ultrasound equipment, spectrometers, x-rays, and chemical and mechanical testing.